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Each person that wears one of my scarves is wearing a piece of my art.
My artful scarves is the vehicle or the way I connect up with my community and the world around me.

Comments I can't wait until the fall to wear your beautiful scarves! Quote from Raishon Lewis. 28 July 2011

Comments Your scarves add to the Chicago landscape of conservative black winter coats!
Your scarves are beautiful, shockingly, the ultimate fashion statement, unimaginable! Oh wow!
Time consuming talent and love. Quote from Linda McDonald. 27 July 2011

Subject: Re: New publication about Sharon DeLaCruz wool scarves, by Fashion writer A. Finney

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Received: Sat, 12 Feb 2011 09:08:53 PM MST
Comments Sharon, very cool article about you, indeed....Great exposure....well written....Cheers!!!

Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2011 04:11:32 PM MST
From: "Mack, Lauren" <>
To: "Sharon DeLaCruz" <>
Comments Hi Sharon ... this is a great article! Best, Lauren Mack

Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2011 12:24:51 PM MST
From: William Barrett <>
To: "Sharon DeLaCruz" <>
Comments Wow! That's great.....Bill

From: Myra Winter <>
To: Sharon DeLaCruz <>
Comments How exciting. So happy for you. Good luck is your entrepreneurial
courses. Come to New York. xoxoxoxoxm

Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2011 02:44:38 PM MST
Comments Beautiful Sharon. Very nice. Jim

Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2011 02:39:04 PM MST
From: Nora Hartman <>
To: Sharon DeLaCruz <>
Congrats on being with Sears and the terrific article!!
Take care, Nora

Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2011 10:33:15 PM MST
From: "Jean McIntosh" <>
To: "'Sharon DeLaCruz'" <>
Comments Congratulations Sharon. So happy your beautiful and creative work is being recognized!

Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2011 09:15:40 PM MST
From: Erika Sherrod <>
To: Sharon DeLaCruz <>
Comments Like it! Erika

Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2011 05:14:23 PM MST
From: Andrea Kelton <>
To: Sharon DeLaCruz <>
Comments Hi, Sharon, Great article! However, I am not on Facebook.
Thanks for sending it. Andrea

Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2011 04:49:28 PM MST
To: "Sharon DeLaCruz" <>
Comments Very nice. Happy for you, Howard

Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 11:51:20 PM MST
From: Jeff DeLaCruz <>
To: Sharon DeLaCruz <>
Comments Congrats! Its a great article! JD

February 15, 2011- 8:00pm
Comments Randi Hilleso wrote: Yes! Congratulations! You do an incredible job of marketing your work, Sharon. You are an inspiration! Thank you.

February 15, 2011- 10:00pm
Comments Jenny Charny wrote: You are so talented!!! Wow, I did not realized that we the same B-day. August 1st is fine, but being called a baby sounds wonderful. It was good to see you at the Wisdom event.

Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 08:12:51 PM MST
From: Thressa Connor <>
Comments Sharon, It was a delight to meet you today! Your scarfs are stunning! I also thoroughly enjoyed our time together. I look forward to working with you and Susana!
Best! Thressa

Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 07:08:24 AM MST
From: Bradley Carlson <>
To: Sharon DeLaCruz <>
Subject: Re: New scarf Feb 10, 2010
CommentsYes, but I'll bet those people stuck on Lakeshore would have loved nice warm wool scarves! -Brad
On Feb 15, 2011 8:55 PM, "Sharon DeLaCruz" <> wrote: Brad, it would be too cruel to insert images of Lake shore drive and all the snow buried cars...but I wanted to give the wintry look. Sharon
Comments I like the snow men! Very cute!

Subject: People love Sharon DeLaCruz wool scarves. Warm beautiful One of a Kind, wool Scarves!

Comments How delightful to find I can change my appearance and be ready for an evening out after a long day at the office. Your designs are intense! Scarf designs that range from ultra-simplistic, sleek to modern and even glitzy. The awesome creativity of giving each scarf their own individual name, says it all. There are decorative elements unlike any other. Elegance perfect gifts.

Comments Simple, unique, quietly elegant fashion statement. I like the type for my look. I would love to see even more and looking forward to her next years 2010 collection.

Comments After visiting your website, your scarves speak to the ultra-sophisticated, premium, special-occasion person. I'm drawn to its One of a Kind personality, a distinct departure from the textures and colors normally associated with wool scarves. The idea of multiple colored lines blending with unusual borders is interesting. There is much to be discovered and appreciated in your handmade products.

Comments I am in love! I wish I had designed these simple, elegant scarves. I'm impressed with your resourcefulness by getting really creative with wool. The line of weight of each individual scarf brings emotional ties and memories of my mother. Feminine and yet not too delicate but, and viewed all at once, they create a wonderful massive statement. Just the right amount of details.

Comments I was first attracted to Sharon's wool scarves because of their beauty - it was wearable art. After making my first purchase, I discovered how warm it kept me through the bitter Chicago winter. I have now purchased one for each and every member of my family! 2008

Comments I looked at your website and am impressed by your output. I suspect that the Midwest is very different from Hollywood's influence in Southern California. All of the craft stores have disappeared and there is not been much if any art related activities in the schools because of "No child left behind". The outlook is grim. I hope your website captures the people who remember, respect and revere handmade. I can certainly see a PR possibility if it hires women who need to earn money.

Comments has proved to be a big inspiration to a friend's daughter who is trying to become a creative knitter. . . 9-18-2009

Thank you for sharing your new book preview with me. It's Outstanding!!! I love the way you combined your artwork and your writing. I love the graphics. The way you presented your journey makes your book exciting to read and gives a focal point for each lesson. You are an inspiration. I like your pseudo thumbprint on the cover that evolves from a quadrangle to an oval, to me it's representative of your journey from restriction in a box, evolving into freedom. 10-28-2009

From: What they said © 2009-2010 Sharon DeLaCruz

Sharon DeLaCruz One of a kind show 2010
People love Sharon DeLaCruz wool scarves because her One of a Kind scarf, very warm wool Scarves are beautiful.

Page 1 Comments
I love your scarf designs!
I love everything, especially your gift tags!!
J Woolf
Really beautiful scarves
Sara Spitz
Dire Sharon:
Quel beau travail!
Pat Klivington
Dear Sharon,
You do such beautiful work. . .
Great to finally meet you -- hope you get lots of business at the show.
Patty Loeffler
Dear Miss Sharon,
It has been a pleasure discussing with you. I look forward to working with you in the future.
Jessy Doolin for Adele Red
I love your scarves.
Love your scarfs. They are awesome.
Awesome! Good luck and best wishes--
John Moran
Your scarves are absolutely wonderful.
I'm lookin forward to owning one this season.
Love your scarves
Beautiful work
Great scarves!!
Lisa Kalgh
Love your work.
Donna Turri
Page 2 Comments
You are amazing + inspirational --
Beautiful work
Billie Ross
Amazing story!
What an inspration you are! And a great talent!
Sharon Becker
You do beautiful work.
I still think Hawaii is a better place than Chicago!
Anne Miller
Your scarves are extremely artistic.
It must be rewarding to have people showing a little bit of you where ever they go.
Peace and love
This is a wonderful book.
Thanks for sharing yourself with us.
Carol Thomas
The most creative stuff--
And your choice + use of color + texture are FABULOUS!
Best of luck to you!
Your products are lovely--
Beautiful yarns + designs--
Keep up the great work!
Lynn Denenberg
Cornelia Babbitt
Send e ticket!
Beautiful and creative handwork
Page 3 Comments
Love the purple shawl.
We are scarfed up with your wonferful creations!
From one Bauhaus to another...
Bob Lenzke, AIA
Thank you for styling me with your beautiful scarfs! Well wishes for you!
Patricia Conley
Joshua <son>
773 799 4355
Your scarves truly are a work of art. So beautiful +creative.
Thanks for sharing your talent!
To Sharon--
I am glad to feel all of your scarves.
Love Andrea Kelton 12/04/2010
You have made the world your oyster.
May you have good success business
Ma Cephus 2010
Beautiful! Great talent.
Susan Fox Gillis
Page 4 Comments
Thank you,you make me feel beautiful!
Sarah Aiken
Special & beautiful creations
Your work is BEAUTIFUL. Continue to follow your heart. Elizabeth Capbell
A pleasure to see such beautiful art. Thank you for the experience. Mary C. & Susan T.
Here' to a woman with a story and beautiful spirit!
Nancy, Pam, Sue from the Chicago Western Suburbs
Loved your scarves!
Patrice Noonan
Beautiful color combinations
Beautiful - such an inspiration
Page 5 Comments
Beautiful & amazing scarffs.
Sharon -
You add a new meaning to wonderful!
Gerry Pilsen studios
My son will be very happy with his new scarf!
Mary S. :-)
Congratulations on your beautiful work!
Mary Johnston
Send show information
I'm a budding quilter who need advice!
I love your beautiful artwork!
Blair Goldman
You are more beautiful in beauty & spirit every time we meet.
Thank you for bringing your light through your art! Love and peace.
Jeanette peace

Facebook Community 2010
People love Sharon DeLaCruz wool scarves

Marilyn Terpening -New York
You truly are a Master Artist Sharon. Your work is so inspiring and diversified. I just recently read, The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle. I imagine you would realize master coaches in your life and may even be one yourself!
January 21 at 7:24pm

Lula Cervantes - IL
Beautiful, They are very Beautiful. I will hope visit as soon as possible Congratulations!
January 6 at 8:28pm

Brenda Phung -Evanston, IL
Sharon, I know you are a women of many talents but I did not know you are also a great photographer!! I have to admit that you are a super woman.
December 15, 2009 at 11:01pm

Marcia Davis - Seattle, WA
Comments This is the time of year for your scarves. Sharon, your works of art on everything you do is beautiful.
November 2, 2009 at 1:24pm

Fine Art America Community 2010
People love Sharon DeLaCruz wool scarves

Dan Earle
Hope, Idaho - United States
Fascinating drawing, and definitely one of a kind. The color really pops the figure and feeling of this work. Thanks, Dan
01/23/2010 04:54 PM

Norman Engel
Friendswood, TX - United States
Nice work! You do wonderful work.
01/24/2010 07:57 AM

Ken Day
Arlngton, WA - United States
Beautiful piece of artwork Sharon.
01/23/2010 02:12 PM

Carmen Cordova
Bronx, NY - United States
I was looking at your artwork and enjoyed it immensely.
01/24/2010 07:30 PM

Thomas Esch
Elkhart, IN - United States
Quite An Interesting Style You Have Developed Sharon, I'll Be Watching.
01/23/2010 07:55 PM

Shutterfly Community
People love Sharon DeLaCruz wool scarves

Comments I love your description and how you turned your injury into something positive and used the making of scarves as therapy for your hands. And now you have a great business. This is such a great idea for a photo book! I live in the upper Midwest so scarves are a necessity. I love all your designs and the fact you made them all yourself spells s.u.c.c.e.s.s ! What a talented woman you are and I wish you the best. Jan 21, 2010

Anderson Galleria, Chicago IL
Comments Great stuff, beautiful scarves and magical colors! Congratulations!
Beautiful work! Jan. 22, 2010

Barbara J
Sounds like this may have turned your life in a different directions and what amazing scarves you have made. You are truly an artist. Thank you for sharing your book.
Jan 22, 2010

From an old Bauhaus designer. AEP Evanston, IL
Comments You've taken the pallet of the universe and put it together in magical combinations. Every page of your book is an adventure in color. Truly classic scarves that will flatter the wearer, excite the viewer. Jan 23, 2010


Beautiful wool scarves
Not seen anywhere
Touch an incredible experience

Signature labeled scarves
the best-of-the-best
2010-2011 original designs
ONE OF A KIND show at the Chicago Merchandise Mart in December 3-6 2009-2010
Each wool scarf is crafted by hand
with the loving care that “handmade” implies
enhance people’s lives by providing
wearable art that is
truly unique and beautiful.

Product Wool Scarf
Designer Sharon DeLaCruz
Wool Scarves may be seen at
Location Chicago, IL Merchandise Mart, Fashion District
Demonstration The Artful Scarf Is Your Best Friend
Date December 4, 2009 at 12:00 noon Booth # 8101
December 2, 2010 at 12:00 noon Booth # 6088
December --, 2011 at 12:00 noon Booth # 6088

Merchandise Mart Chicago and U.S.A. Community