ARTIST - Sharon DeLaCruz - Crochet knit Scarves
See her work in person, call 847 456 2095.
Juried and Selected Highest Quality 5 stars




One of Kind
Crochet knit

wearable Art


Who I am
Sharon DeLaCruz, Artist and maker of -- SHARON scarves.
These Wool Scarves are made by the Artist, each are One of a Kind.
What I do

My expertise is color, I handcraft scarves to fit your individual lifestyle
and career with specific colors tailored best for you.
They are pieces of wearable art and
all Wool Scarves are made by the Artist, and One of a Kind.

Current Event

Call for relaxed viewing with appointment to see available wool scarves 1-847-456-2095.

Upcoming Events

Previous Events
Dec-03 through Dec-06, 2015 <four days only>
Sharon DeLaCruz wearable unique art scarves
at the One of a Kind show and sale

Sharon's Fashion Runway quality scarves!
Chicago Merchandise Mart
Floor 7, Booth # 6088


November 6-8, 2015 at the Ryan Family Atrium of Northwestern
University's Lurie Center, 303 E. Superior, Chicago

Artisan Market Streeterville. SHARON scarves will be selling her most recent NEW
scarf collection. Be early to shop for One of a kind winter scarves! This shopping event
to be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday,
<three days only>

Friday November 6 – 2p-8p
Saturday November 7 - 10a-5p
Sunday November 8 - 10a-5p

Bizarre Bazaar
Thursday, November 12, 2015
SHARON scarves will be at the
Herman Miller
222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, #321
Chicago, IL 60654

IIDA Illinois is welcoming local artisans and crafters to display their unique,
handmade items for purchase. What is Bizarre Bazaar?
This event is an exclusive shopping experience with merchandise crafted by
local talent. Get in the creative spirit and help us support the philanthropic
efforts of the IIDA Education Fund on November 12th from 5:30 PM – 8 PM.

November TBA, 2015
Unity of Chicago, 1923 W. Thome Street
Arts and Craft show in the Sunshine Gallery
9:30am to 3:00pm

October TBA, 2015: Fashion (shopping event)
Saturday 10am to 6pm, Oct. 18 & Sunday 11am to 5pm, Oct 19th
Millineum Park--Chase Promenade North (fashion tent)
Sharon DeLaCruz will have an EXCLUSIVE Pre-Sale before
her December One of a Kind show and sale. (see below)
Shop early. Top ORIGINAL 35 Selected LOCAL Chicago Designers!
About Designer SHARON scarves
StyleChicago's favorite designer
Published with Distinctive Taste

September TBA, 2015: Fashion & Fibers Art Spree
Thursday, Sept. 18th & Friday, Sept 19th
10am-3:30pm at the James R. Thompson Center Atrium

August TBA, 2015 You are invited to my garden summer concert
Saturday 7pm to 10pm as my personal guest. This year's musical theme will be Motown.

Happy Valentine's day! You are invited to this fun event!
Sharon DeLaCruz will be showing and selling her scarves at the IL Thompson Center building downtown Chicago on February 13 and 14, 2015.

How do the Art Cards inspire us? Art Cards are miniature pieces of collectible ART copies
that are/ perfect for framing or not. These detailed colorful drawings were meticulously drawn by Sharon DeLaCruz to illustrate her youthful visions of dreams of love, beauty and desires in life. Her message to whomever or whatever you LOVE, “Never Give Up!” For show and sale at the Valentine Art Spree. $24. each. The proceeds of sales will go to the IL Artisans Program to help promote Artists in their careers.

July 2015: Jewelry & Fashion Art Spree
Thursday, July 17th & Friday, July 18th
James R. Thompson Center Atrium

Future Special Event!

Sharon's Fashion Runway quality scarves!
Chicago Merchandise Mart
Dec-03 through Dec-06, 2015
Sharon DeLaCruz wearable unique art scarves
at the One of a Kind show and sale

RESERVE in advance VIP

Valued at $48 4-daypasses to this spectacular show


December 3-6, 2015
-- Four days only!
Open to the public.

One of a Kind Show and Sale Chicago Merchandise Mart
Scarf display BOOTH # 6088 on seventh floor.

General Show Facts
The One of a Kind Show Chicago takes place
Thursday, December 3–Sunday, December 6, 2015.

Thursday, December 3. 11 am – 8 pm VIP day with champagne
Friday, December 4. 11 am – 8 pm Friday night
Saturday, December 5. 10 am – 7 pm Serious shopping
Sunday, December 6. 10 am – 5 pm Final day shopping

Cherry Belle scarf is LIVE on stage
Scarves that flirt with the wind

The Chicago Merchandise Mart -- Scarf Booth #6088

Sharon DeLaCruz crochet knit scarves
- BUY NOW Shop on-line
Michelle O'Bama [quote] "I love your scarf !", says the U.S. President's wife, admiring a Sharon DeLaCruz wearable art scarf. Scarf "envy" is a wonderful thing! In Washington D.C., Rosemary Reeves owner of Women-Eye, Inc. reports.

Customer comment on crochet knit scarves
I can change my appearance and be ready for an evening out, after a long day at the office. Your scarf designs range from sleek to modern and even glitzy. Each elegant crochet knit scarf make perfect wardrobe necessities or gifts.

Looking for the Best? Buy Crochet knit scarves - Sharon DeLaCruz scarves have extra coverage and natural insulation where a person might feel uncomfortably cold.
Feel the best, a quality wool yarn that provides warmth, softness and amazing details! Quality workmanship that lasts many seasons as a winter favorite!

How I Began - Sharon DeLaCruz introduces the Cherry Belle collection.
Read Fashion writer A. Finney of quotes <read more>
"Sharon's brand of scarves makes the sophisticated consumer feel like a celebrity."

A Compelling life story about Sharon DeLaCruz - One of accomplishment, setbacks, and perseverance.

One of a Kind show review
Chicago News Writer,Tom Mullaney of Arts & Literature <read more>
Sharon DeLaCruz selected among the top ten, out of 600 already competitive juried Artisans from across this nation...her scarves caught the eye of the Arts & Literature Chicago News writer, Tom Mullaney who reviewed for the press/media.

Rating Five Star:
Juried Excellence !
Warm - scarves - extra warm.
2 Design - scarves - beautiful.
3 Eco safe - scarves - natural wool.
4 Quality - scarves - workmanship.
5 One only - scarves - One of a kind.


Watch these fun Videos
Sharon DeLaCruz' scarf & special events!

W & W Event
Chicago Mart
Shop On-Line
Video 1.06 min
Video 2.46 min
Video 5.46 min
Video 5.00 min
Buy Scarves
Bizarre Bazaar
Video .48 secs.
Where I Been
Past History
ZOOM info
Ted & Sharon

Channel News
Business Plan
Women-Eye, Inc
Fashion Event
Chicago Fashion Fest

Outdoor Runway Stage
Art Exhibition
Art Opening

Little Red
Video 1.50 min
Video 59 sec.
2012 News
Article of Interest
Video 3.06 min

Celebrating Artists "Made in Chicago"

Shop NOW! Crochet knit art scarves

enter Code LOCAL4FREE
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Wrap up in these colorful soft wool scarves, that flow elegantly as you walk! The local Chicagoan wear her scarves named

  Chicago Windy City
Michigan Mile
Chicago Loop

North Shore
Lake Shore
Chicago Local Market

Wool scarves & Sears scarf accessories by Sharon DeLaCruz
Fashion writer A. Finney of quotes Sharon DeLaCruz:
"Sharon says her brand of scarves makes the sophisticated consumer feel like a celebrity."


Shop Sharon DeLaCruz scarf collection
Buy NOW! at Sears.

Wool scarf crochet knit women fashion
baby soft merino alpaca wool, raw silk cotton yarns

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Blouse Women fashion knits
by designer Lv Jordan
founder of Brite Baby knit designs.
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Runway Fashion Show NYC Elite Models
Chicago Merchandise Mart
Sharon DeLaCruz scarves - 8 min. video


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Past events where I have been...

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One of a Kind, Crochet knit Wool Scarf
by Sharon DeLaCruz
© 1999--2011
Contact Scarf Artist Sharon DeLaCruz


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Organizations Show Events promoting crochet knit scarf business
Rosemary Reeves of Women-Eye, Inc.
One of a Kind show and sale - Chicago Merchandise Mart

Sharon Silverman - Crocheting is my passion!
["Teaches enthusiastic learners!"]

Creative Designers/Artists promoting scarf business
Collaborative designer Lv Jordan - Baby Brite knit fashions
Randi Hilleso - Fashion Designer of Hilleso Designs
Rose Guccione sings Opera greetings/presentations
Philip J. Schneider of International Cultured Pearls

Michael's Museum
Tiny Doll scarves upon request! 2-5min. video


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Ad Promotional for Sharon's crochet knit wool scarves
Fine Art of America PRESS RELEASE
Jennifer Strauss Co-publisher - Style 1900 magazine
Tim Winkler of Mindful Metropolis


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Sharon DeLaCruz Scarves available and seen at:

Crochet Knit scarves at Sears
Wool scarves at Local Chicago Market
Wool scarves at Photobucket
Wool Scarves at Andersonville Galleria, Chicago
Art at FAA Fine Art of America
Wool Scarves at My Soiree
Scarves at Leniki Boutique, Lake Tahoe

Sharon on

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Personal Use:

5--SONG Title: Pathway to the Heart
A music clip by Christine Inserra

6--Available for special events,
weddings, funerals, etc

7--Song Title: Old MacDonald

8 --

New Book $20.00
Miniature 3" Art Porcelain by
Sharon DeLaCruz